Fuel Power Stabiliser

Fuel Power Stabiliser

  • Product Group: 650
  • Product number: 778793

General description

FuelPower Stabiliser is a concentrated organic fuel stabiliser. It contains no metals and can be used in diesel engines and boilers.
FuelPower Stabiliser indirectly promote a better combustion by improving fuel stability that leads to better atomisation and improved burnout of the fuel. FuelPower Stabiliser will also minimize sludge in fuel tanks and fuel system.


  • Indirectly improves combustion
  • Stabilises heavy fuels
  • Very low dosage


  • Helps you to keep your fuel system in good condition and to minimize sludge formation in tanks

Sludge formation is inhibited through the action of anti-polymerization agents. Fuel stability is improved through the action of solvents and dispersants. The result is improved combustion efficiency through a better fuel atomisation.