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about us-

PT. Unggul Jaya Sakti is a private company founded in 2011 at Balikpapan. We provide industry-leading oilfield technology and equipment and outstanding service.
PT. Unggul Jaya Sakti has appointed as an Authorized Master Distributor for Wolar ring joint gaskets which distribute to the Oilfield in Offshore and Onshore Indonesia.
We covers the product ranges manufactured by Wolar Industrial lnc of USA and are detailed out as standard Wolar brand ring type joint gaskets in styles R, RX, BX, SRX and SBX, Metallic seal rings in styles AX and CX, and other non-standard metallic seal rings.
PT. Unggul Jaya Sakti also has appointed as Service Provider for Wilhelmsen Ships Service to stock, handle and deliver WSS owned product to WSS customers and sale to own customers in the local market.
Our wide range of oilfield equipment and supplies include: Marine Chemical, General consumables, Safety equipment, Oil production equipment, Drilling equipment, and all related drilling and maintenance equipment.
PT. Unggul Jaya Sakti is committed to provide our customer with a wide range of quality products, available when you need them, with outstanding service at a fair price to meet your needs.



Ring Gasket Type R Oval, Ring Gasket Type R Octagonal, Ring Gasket Type RX, Ring Gasket Type BX, Ring Gasket Type SRX, Ring Gasket Type SBX, Ring Gasket Type AX, Ring Gasket Type CX, Ring Gasket Type Rubber Coated, DieselPower MAR 71, Cleaning Rig HP, Maxivap Plus, Seacare OSD, Bioguard Descalex, Nalfleet, Unitor.